We don’t come straight to you with a handful of web page mockups. We take our time to carefully learn about your business core, conduct some analyzes, and explore the best method to help you increase sales using your websites and digital solutions.


Just being different is easy. What difficult is to make it matters. In Diffrnt, we rule out common thoughts. We find inspirations anywhere and anytime to bring you designs and solutions that wow you and make you think we are an internet wizard.


We breath the internet. We live on it almost 24/7. That’s why we know the stuff. We look for latest technology you likely don’t even know exists yet. Then we look at the way on bringing them to your needs, so that you can sleep well at home knowing you get real results.


We love statistics! That’s why we know just how necessary it is to record and track the results generated from your new changes. We give you the transparent facts on how diffrntly your business improves because of our solutions.


Griya Estetika

Griya Estetika sells a wide range variety of beauty products. They came to Diffrnt Digital to revamp their website which[...]

The Paleo PI

Rory came to us in need of a new website. He has been writing for his blog for several years[...]

PPI Hangzhou

PPI Hangzhou is an organization formed by the Indonesian students that are studying at Hangzhou.[...]


The Reason You’re Here, Mate!

Have you ever felt that you have much more inside you than you actually look? More importantly, do you feel that way about your company? Have you ever wonder why in heaven do people choose other company, although yours is better? You spent a lot of resources on everything, when what you need is actually just a little thing called PUBLICITY. That’s why Diffrnt Digital is here. We ask questions like that. We fight so that question won’t be a problem for you. We work to give your company the best dresses, hairstyles, and weapons to win the war.

Here’s A Little About Us

We are not a bunch of funny-suited-with-thick-glasses-and-weird-hairstyle geeks that work in one small dark room full of monitors and silence. We are a bunch of neat freaks, creative thinkers, techs savvy, and geniuses that understand how things work, what they work for, and how to use them to solve your problems and getting more money coming into your pocket. We greet you “good morning” in the evening. We make things that make foreheads wrinkle. You can say, simply, we see things, solve problems, and create solutions diffrntly. We are a collection of skillful, unique, and out-of-the-box individual that are committed to be the best and most reliable Jakarta web design team for our local and abroad clients.


Great work! I’m very impressed (and happy :))

– Norm Archibald, Auckland, New Zealand